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Concrete Pavers

A popular option for driveways, walkways and patios, concrete pavers come in a plethora of styles, shapes and colors that allow you to customize your hardscaping and add value to your home.
Choosing concrete pavers means you can create paved areas to your exact specifications with unmatched style. Whether you are looking to incorporate clean, modern lines or rustic, cozy textures, concrete pavers will not disappoint. Pavers are especially useful when you are interested in creating unique patterns that no other home will have.
Pavers are exceptionally durable, and it is easy to set a few aside during the original installation process should you ever need to replace a worn down paver in the future. But when placed correctly, you shouldn’t have to redo your pavement or replace any pavers for years to come.


Clay Pavers

Our Collection includes the most popular ranges of Clay Pavers These ranges are ideal for courtyard style spaces, enabling even smaller spaces to be stylish and classic.

Available in beautiful colours, clay pavers are ideal to use in courtyards where they can be used to create small but interesting and stylish patio areas. Also perfect in cottage style gardens as pathways leading through colour filled flower beds or towards and inviting wooden door.


We at MD Paving have developed a range of cladding that both protects and enhances the appearance of your building.
Our range of cladding will provide you with a multitude of design options as well as lasting and durable materials. We have a selection of colours, textures and finishes to choose from, helping you to create your own authentic experience.
Our cladding options are attractive, durable, low maintenance and is available in a range of Natural colours.


Cobbles are timeless and cost effective and add an appealing authenticity to any project where a rustic effect is desired.
Cobbles are made from natural stone granite material such as Rustenburg and can be supplied with a split faced, flamed, sawn or sandblasted finish to ensure a lovely rustic effect when used in creating a beautiful outdoor entertainment area or a paved pathway or driveway

Simulated Stone

We create a stone product that sets a standard and impression of genuine artistic replication. Effective simulated stone is where our undivided focus is set. The beauty of real stone at a lower price. Simulated Stone adds the look and feel of real stone, but with far less maintenance and cost than a traditional stone. Durable, fade resistant and available in a variety of colors.

About us

Maish Blankfield has been in the Paving business for over 38 years (since 1979). During this time he has been personally responsible for over 6 000 paving installations. These projects range from the Armscor Building in Pretoria, a 10,000m2 parking areas for transport companies for their interlink trucks using 80 mm Interlock type blocks, to a complex repair to Sun Intercontinental in Sandton. They also include many hundred domestic type paving installations, from small patios, to driveways and pool surrounds.

Maish has been a guest on Talk Radio 702 with Reuben the Screw man as a paving expert.

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Why you can’t go wrong with MD Paving
MD Paving is…an owner run business based on more than a quarter of a century of experience in paving, and a thirst for excellence in delivery and service
Experienced & established with skilled installation crews equipped with specialist knowledge of all aspects of modern paving types and trends.
Able to work with a wide range of simulated stone products used for both commercial and domestic applications.
Able to provide maintenance on existing paving This “nip in the bud” attitude can often translate to massive long term savings.
Able to offer professional advice with regard to water flow, choice of bricks and the optimum type of brick patterns that should be used depending on each application.
Used by various brick manufacturers as a proffered installer of their products. Companies such as WonderRock, Colonial Stone and Lacotta use MD PAVING as a proffered installer of their products.
setting new standards by offering a two year warranty on our works The Master Builders Association Paving Division recommends a one year guarantee on paving.

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